Moog Global Support via Fluidtech

Fast-response repair service

Moog® Global Support

In combination with Moog Authentic Repair, Fluidtech ensures you high-quality maintenance, service, and repair for all your

  • servo- and proportional Valves,
  • radial piston pumps (ex-Bosch RKP pumps 0-514 …),
  • electromechanical actuators,
  • Atchley, Pegasus, and Hydrolux

at competitive prices.

By choosing for Moog Repair through our services, you can benefit from our technical know-how and information we provide about the malfunctioning of your equipment and how to prevent future damage.

Why Moog Global Support

Repair Quality and Reporting

Moog standard inspection reports identify physical damage, contamination, and other observations. Moog will replace these parts and report any findings that allow your Moog Authorised Distributor to solve issues with your hydraulic system.


Moog maintains hazardous location certifications in accordance with ATEX, CSA, and FM standards which allow Moog to repair intrinsically safe and explosion proof hardware. Repair by a facility that is not audited and approved to service products to these standards will void the product's original certification.

Authentic Moog Parts

Moog does not sell parts to servo valves, actuators, pumps, drives, and other Moog products to independent repair centres. Moog is the only repair facility that will replace used defective parts with new Authentic Moog Parts.

Moog frequently updates older components to the latest configuration to ensure that your systems are operating at maximum reliability and efficiency. Often times your repaired item leaves our facility better than when originally manufactured.

Moog Expertise

Moog works collaboratively to determine the root cause of failure, recommend system improvements and maintenance programs aimed at decreasing downtime, minimizing repair costs, and increasing productivity. Through close collaboration with you and Moog, your Authorised Distributor can tailor a valve and actuator maintenance program that meets your specific needs.

The Moog Servo Valve Repair Process

Moog Servovalves and Proportional Valves are used in the most demanding motion control applications around the world. Moog have built a strong reputation on their reliability and versatile performance. Whether your repair consists of an inspection, cleaning and calibration, or part replacement, Moog is the only one with the expertise and global systems to ensure quality repair by using original parts.

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